It’s my birthday in a week!

If you’re an old reader of mine, you’ll know that besides Christmas time, my birthday turns me into an absolute child.  It’s the one day of the year where everything is about ME.  Jon will argue that there are 364 other days that also subscribe to that premise, but it’s this day where everyone else honors and celebrates life.  My life.

This year is no exception (and neither will the next 50 years be, Jon, just BTW) and at the request of Sassy Sandi, here’s my birthday wish list for this year:

  1. iTunes vouchers – I spend way too much money on songs, virtual gifts for the iPad games I’m addicted to, and all the iPhone apps I simply must have right this very minute
  2. Massage & facial vouchersplease.
  3. Kalahari vouchersfor all the cool things the internetz can bring me
  4. vouchers – for my kindle addiction
  5. Photography things – I’ve just taken up photography.  Sort of.  As in, I haven’t even started yet but I have a beginner’s point & shoot thinger that I plan on learning about soon.
  6. YuppieChef – am in love with this store.  Could buy one of everything!
  7. Flowers – Since I no longer associate flowers with death, I am loving Orchids with my whole heart lately.  I have about 4 in the house right now & can’t have enough.
  8. Lindt milk chocolate balls – mmmm!
  9. Vodacom airtime (yup – I’m still boycotting getting a contract!)
  10. Time with the people I like a lot.

Might be a bit of a boring list, but I’ve sat and thought about it, and really, I have everything I need.  So if you’re not up to splashing out on anything above, feel free to donate something to charity instead, please. 🙂



  1. Briget says:

    I love the list.. so practical(airtime) with a twist of adventure(photography) 🙂

    perhaps I will post you some of my peppermint patties to nibble on while you figure out the camera doohicky 😉

    P.S. I love love love my day of birth too.. So fully understand!! Although lately the adding of numbers are totally killing the buzz..

  2. sass says:

    ok doooood…. wot i needs to know is, do you have an american or a south african itunes account. and dm me the addy you use.
    kthanxbi 🙂

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