Iron Man 70.3 – Jon’s doing it.

When I met Jon in 2009 he was a proper gamer.  And when he wasn’t gaming he’d adventure out to the lounge to be a couch potato.  He was the first nerd I’d ever dated, and it was so odd to be with someone who was quite happy to stay at home and entertain himself.  Then one day, he got into running.  I won’t tell his story, it’s his to tell, and if you’re interested you can read it on his own blog here (which is sooooooooo dormant right now, hint hint husband!).

But, to give you an idea, when I first started dating Jon, this is what he looked like:


And now, almost six years later, this is what he looks like now:


I don’t often do anything but roll my eyes at the early hour wake ups, the ambitious next-goal in waiting, giggle at the latest bruises, snort at funny tan lines and then I give him far too much shit about his money habits around his sports.  But this post isn’t about any of that.  It’s to say that this weekend Jon tackles his biggest challenge yet, the Iron Man 70.3.  Taken from the website:

Athletes will begin their day with a 1.2-mile ocean swim in East London’s Orient Beach. Protected by the breakwaters of East London’s harbor, athletes can expect generally calm and warm waters. The rolling hills of the 56-mile bike course will be a challenge. Road closures will allow the athletes to safely navigate the course while enjoying the inherent beauty of the landscape. A 13.1-mile, flat run will consist of two-loops with spectacular ocean views.

All of this continually, without rest, in one day.  It daunts the hell out of me, but when it comes to this husband of mine, I know that he will challenge himself and win battles in his head and surprise himself like he always does because he’s so awesomely humble that he really has absolutely no idea of what a machine he really is.

Jon, you blow my mind.  You’re my hero, and I admire your strength and determination with every passing day.  Good luck and have fun, my love!


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  1. Heidi says:

    Jon is an inspiration. His incredible determination is often what I think about when I try to get my lazy ass out on a run and argue with myself to get to the next km. Keep inspiring lazy people like me to be better, you’re simply amazing Jon!!

  2. Momma Bear says:

    So proud of my son in law. I wish I could just have an ounce of his determination. Good luck my boy xxxxx

  3. MeeA says:

    Wow! I have such enormous admiration for such drive and determination. I wish I could be even half as motivated!

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