Through bad decisions, wrong choices, catch22 options and silly situations, she found herself at a crossroad of life. Her will had been challenged, her mind been stimulated, her ideas been fed. She is undergoing a phase of change.


Arguments, crying sessions, hysteria and bonding ensued. After some time, they knew each one would be remembered. Far too much judgement came into play. The one she wanted, couldn’t stay. The rest supported her in her time of need. They became her friends, her confidants, her worst critics.


No guarantees, no warrantees, no quick solution to unanswered questions, untold lies, and hard kept secrets. What should she do, in this world of uncertainty? Should she fly when being cooped, should she run when being caged, should she fight when being cornered?


Some people get it, others don’t. Fighting for survival and having fun while getting to know herself. Things happen for a reason. She’s come to appreciate this. Her third eye is out and in full force. She refuses to apologise for being herself. She wants to be free.


She wants to be, Me.



A chapter in the book ‘If these walls could talk’ Copyright, SheBee productions 2008.