Inner earphones = raped and pillaged.

I wanna go to the ohlookakitty!  I keep getting distracted, it’s ridiculous.  I am still forgetful like nobody’s business.  Like, for example, the other day… fuck.  I forgot which example I wanted to use.  I keep trying to remember the things I’ve forgotten.  It’s like there’s a midget in my head and he finds a thought, captures it, ties it up with rope and laughs evily as he throws it out of my left ear with a spade made of gold.  Or something.

Some girl at work used my fucken in-ear earphones while I was off sick last week.  WHAT THE FUCK?!  Who does that? Seriously, who? Is that even a human thing to do? Fucking hell!  I am shocked.  Obviously I can now never use these things again.  I’m too scared to even touch them.  Inner ear germs and brain juice?  No thanks.  Fucking hell!

On Saturday I will be devoting my day to a charity thingum.  Gonna spend the day with orphan kids in Soweto.  I decided my soul needs it.

Ja.  So there.  A blog post full of goodness and wit.



  1. flarkus says:

    Tell said soon-to-be-ex-colleague (in a Capie eksent): Hey djy watte? Haai’s mos DISKUSTING nuh?!!!”

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