Golly, I’m pregnant

‘Sheen, you’re funnier when you’re sad – you know that?’ said the mother to the blogger with the long brown hair…

Gee, Mom – thanks.  But, she’s right I suppose.  It’s weird how that happens, hey?  Your mother always knows you best.

I’m stuck with a tricky situation.  Do I say yes to one option, at the risk of missing out on my current option?  Or do I just say no to the new option and stick with my current one, when I already know what to expect. 

Tough call, boet.  I might fuck it up either way, but hey – at least I could say I went down trying, right? 

Also, in other news, I’m seeing dead people yo.  At home, at the office and even on the street the other night.  I think Bruce Willis has fed me that child while I wasn’t looking. 

And, just to spice things up a little, I think I may be slightly pregnant.  Haven’t had any happiness by the body recently, so its a tad off what with timing and all that, but hey – stranger things have happened.

Tender breasts, cranky as fuck, nausea in the mornings… my throat mock charged a few times while I was inhaling my first smoke this morning, that never happens. 

Yes, so, I’ll call the baby Jesus Jnr.


  1. Stef says:

    LOL well good luck with that…

    other names to maybe use… McGyver?

    no happiness by the body recently… oh boy you crack me up 🙂

  2. shebee says:

    You see? this is why I shouldn’t let my real life mates read my blog:

    Daryl: how did you get pregnant? who is he?
    omf wait till i tell amy and shar!

    Stef – hehehehe. is true though!

  3. justBcoz says:

    Ok, well I’m completely friggin lost here … sorry, my brain is toast after a heavy day! Mysterious options, dead people. phantom pregnancies?? And I thought MY life was complicated =)

  4. B says:

    Perhaps you should put some happiness to that body of yours and then the dead people will stop impregnating you??

    Just a thought…

  5. shebee says:

    Grrrl – you have no idea. And I still censor some of the stuff that I do cause I’d sound nuts!

    B – oh har har. The thought has never crossed my mind 😉

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