I’m not pinterested…

…in anything other than searching for, finding and pinning a million pictures from absolute strangers on the internet.  I’ve alternated between wanting to become a restaurant owner, a house wife, an interior designer and being pregnant at least twelve times over the last twelve hours.  Just so that I can redo the bathroom/kitchen/bedroom/nurserywhichdoesn’tevenexist.

You see, readers, I have discovered Pinterest.  I knew this would happen.  I knew that if I gave in and signed up I would become addicted and get sucked in.  So I skim read other bloggers posts’ about it, I glanced over any mention of it over Twitter and I ignored any reference to it whatsoever as far as possible.  Until Jon said I could go ahead and redesign our en suite bathroom.  Then all hell broke loose.

Understatement of THE CENTURY!

I went from “Hmmmm, that’s nice” to “MUST. PIN. ALL. THE. THINGGGGSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” in less than two hours.

Jon went to bed neglected, alone and full of bitterness for this world we live in.  His girlfriend had been abducted by the internet once again and left him the victim, unloved, unfed and miserable.

Meanwhile, in Pinterest land:






combined have made me into a walking, talking, jabbering, Martha Stewart home-decoring, amazing-food-cookering, Nostradamus-thinkering, decopaging fool that has decided to overhaul the entire house decor, repaint everything, consider planting an entire new garden, fully equip myself with an antique store of my own and, hell, while we’re at it, let’s just move to America becauseohmygodtheyhaveeverything!

It’s official.  Pinterest has ruined my life.

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  1. Bonita says:

    ..welcome! Pinterest will eat hours of your life.. and you will love it!! ..and you will be sucked even further into it’s vortex of aWesoMe!! ..enjoy!! 😀 ;P

  2. Tania says:

    You had me worried with the title of your post there.. People that say tey don’t ‘get’ Pinterest are bigger losers by a small margin than people that don’t ‘get’ twitter 🙂

    • Penny says:

      Seriously? People are “losers” because they find it utterly asinine to stare at photos of over-iced pastel cupcakes and towel racks made of branches from the yard? I would argue that the converse is true.

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