I’m immigrating to Australia

Yep.  I read somewhere the other day that over 750 000 South Africans put in applications for immigration over the 2006 / 2007 period.  That is shocking! But also, understandable.

Our presidents accuse future presidents of corruption, ANC leaders rape HIV infected women and then take a shower in order to cleanse themselves of the disease, Cabinet Ministers tell us to go to bed earlier in order to ‘grow clever’ and save the country power…  South Africa is one hell of a place to grow up in.

I’m starting a new chapter of my blog on this topic.  Come with me as I take the joyful journey through home affairs and immigration custom offices in order to obtain my visa.  Getting my passport was fun enough.

I only had to wait in the que for 2 hours before I was lovingly covered in black ink (from finger to elbow) while getting my finger prints taken, all the while listening to the woman snooorrrking her snot to the back of her throat.  Was delightful. 

For those of you who are wondering, my mind is finally made up.  I have applied for a Student Visa in order to complete my Psychology degree.  I’ll probably be there for a long time.  My mom is pretty upset, but knows I need to do this for myself.  I’m just anxious to get going. 

So there you go.  Update on my life.  Also, welcome to any new readers brought here by googling "Jacob Zuma is a big hairy prick head" or "Thabo Mbeki you big bad son of a bitch".  You clearly fit in very well here. 

Smiley face.