I’m a Spontaneous Sally!

1.30pm – sitting in office, bored.  All plans for weekend having fallen through, (I’m still not over it, I hope I will be soon) I was staring at the PC blankly with maybe a little bit of drool coming out of my half open mouth.

Jax enters room, promptly looks at me and starts laughing.  "Go home, Sheen – you look completely in need of it!"

"Lets go to Jozi for the weekend" says I, deadpanned. "You can visit Craig, and I can meet some of my friends who have been sharing their life with me for months now, just without being face to face".

2.45pm – racing back to Uvongo having come from packing my bags at home, I arrive at Jax, who is in utter turmoil.  Eventually depart for Jo’burg just after 3.30pm.  Am hyped up, calling / smsing / emailing everyone concerned.  Sudden Blogger Meet.  Last min decision, lets do this!

6.00pm – stop in the middle of nowhere’s Caltex to find a toilet, food & fresh water.  Need solid ground to cope with Jax’s driving methods.

7.30pm – Call Craig, tell him to yell at Jax and let me drive as she’s nearly killed us, thrice.

8.46pm – Get shoved into dashboard of car as brakes are slammed, yet again, just before we pop up some poor truck drivers exhaust pipe.

9.00pm – Stop at Wimpy for desperation coffee.  Smoking self to smitherines.  COnsider asking taxi nearby for life.  Willing to pay in pounds.

12.00pm – still not arrived.  Good lord I am tired of being passenger driver, and having to deal with stubborn driver and replace her horrible night vision with my even more acute blindness.

12.20pm – take wrong offramp, land up near Boksberg.  Or Moedersfontein.  Some place where dey speak loik viss. 

12.35pm – arrival – yay!  Rush to loo, then to fridge, crack open a bottle of wine, jump in shower, throw on jarmies, and get into bed.

Looking forward to seeing Glugs and Angel in the morrow.  Hey Glugs, haven’t really cleared this up with you guys yet – but can I crash on your couch tonight?  Oh wait, you did offer to let Damien have the couch and me the bed.  That sounds good to me!

Going back home in brand new convertable belonging to Kimbo.  Go my friend, I’m too excited for you!

Okay, nighty night and happy bunny easter egg weekend!