I’m a Maverick!

Montecasino’s pretty sharp when it comes to identifying influencers and how to engage with them.  Personally, Jon and I are regulars at Monte, Alex from work actually complains that its the only place I ever check into on Foursquare.  It’s around the corner from our house, and it also hosts SA’s biggest and best cinema, so it’s usually where we go on our date nights.

This afternoon Jon and I have been invited to join a bunch of other twits to take part in their Montecasino Mavericks of Chance Casino Meander.  We’ll be given a lesson on all the games and how to make it rich, bitch, when playing.  We’ll be plied with inkahol and casino chips (do they still have chips?  I hope so, I wanna be all “I’m in Las Vegas!!!!”) and have a prize giving at the end before we go off to dinner and then check into the Southern Sun Montecasino fancy shmancy hotel for a mini getaway.

It’s in aid of their Mavericks of Chance campaign, see the awesome ad my mates at Halo agency (Word, Dean!) made here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_71WxEzkvFk

I’ll let you know on Monday how it all goes, I have a management meeting now that I have to sit in and pretend I’m not severely hung over from the wine tasting before the International Ballet Gala we attended last night.

It hurts to be in demand, bitches.



PS: Three blog posts in one week?  If it snows, I take full responsibility!

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