I went to a kung fu show last night.

shaolin wheel of life

Thanks to Gtribe, who kindly sent Jon and I comp tickets to watch The Shaolin Monks Wheel of Life Kung Fu show at Monte Casino last night.

I raced home to feed the felines, hop in the shower and chuck on some semi decent clothes fit for the Teatro theatre, I was really excited – I love live performances. When I got to Jon’s house, he was already dressed and waiting for me, with a (woolies assisted) home cooked meal (his first, made especially for me). We had a quick dinner, he had a mild heart attack while I smoked on the balcony and delayed his usual Hurry Up & Wait strategy.

We got to the theatre fifteen minutes early, sat inside for another fifteen minutes while I dodged the blockage of my viewing by a man with the world’s largest head, sitting in front of me. Eventually the show started and I got all giddy inside. The setting was absolutely beautiful, the choreography was amazing, the timing of the backstage crew impeccable. But the show? Not so much. After the first fifteen minutes I found myself glazing over the antics on stage. Very much a case of “seen one scene, seen them all”.

A further forty five minutes of the men in orange whacking their sticks on stage, balancing on poles and cute little kids doing back flips, I was well and truly grateful when interval began.

Jon and I headed out for ice cream and decided we’d seen enough of the show and for the first time ever, I left without seeing the ending of a live performance.

It’s not so much that the show was bad, per se’… we just weren’t that into the whole vibe. The incense was burning my eyes, our seats were so far back I had to squint in order to focus on what was going on up on stage and this made me realize something – my eyesight has seriously taken a beating. I really battled to see what everyone was oohing and ahhing about.

It’s such a pity, and again I will reiterate: it’s not that the show was terrible, we just weren’t blown away by it due to situational circumstance.

But I don’t regret going. Jon and I had a fun evening of dressing up (ish), eating ice cream and sitting outside on a perfect evening at the Monte Casino water fountain, holding hands and generally being all gross and relationshippy.


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