I realise it’s a little bit daunting…

This weekend I got a removal company to pick up my stuff and move it to Jon’s house.  It cost me a minor fortune, but I figured that it would be worth it in that all I would need to do was pack the boxes myself and let the dudes do the heavy lifting.  Only, I kind of forgot what a nightmare the old place’s driveway is, and I didn’t factor in the fact that the electrical gate has wires above it that only allow vehicle’s up to a certain height through.  SheBee Fail.

So Jon and I spent Sunday afternoon carting boxes in and out to the removal van, down the road, very far from the effing driveway.  The movers helped, of course, but I had visions of us sitting in the sun on the grass sipping on iced drinks watching sweaty topless hunks moving boxes to and fro.  Instead I got a very skinny dude with chicken-chested canary muscles and four porky mover helpers.

Once the stuff arrived, we literally piled it all in the corner and shut the doors and windows just in time for a massive rain storm.  So this morning when Gloria arrived, her bottom lip dropped below her feet the minute she saw the mess.

Jon, being the ever polite, nice guy, immediately feels the need to placate her.  Unfortunately he used big words and from the bedroom I heard her brain’s confusion.  He says to her “Now, Gloria, I know this looks rather daunting.  But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to solve it all in one day, there’s still some consolidating to be done and once we’ve discarded and kept and organised into sections, we’ll ask you to take care of the rest”.  The reply he got: “iYes”.

As soon as he got back to the bedroom I decided I better go in and do collateral damage.   I walked in to Gloria with her hand on the back of her head.  She looked at me, dead pan, and said with all the energy she could sum up in the world, “Eish!”

I had to explain to her all over again, that she mustn’t touch anything that’s new.  She must just clean around it and I’ll sort it out during the week.  She didn’t look too happy when I asked her to repeat what I said though, but thank goodness I did because she somehow, God alone knows how, came back with “I must clean it all and you will give it to me next week”.

WTF? Her sense of entitlement rivals that of even the Queen of England!


  1. Getting_by says:

    Moving…seriously….meh….I have done that way too many times to be able to identify one good part of it.

    Gloria sounds delightful. We had a nanny not too long ago who tried to give us sex advice, and “special herbs to make him have penis longer” guess its easy to tell why that didn’t work out

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