I have had such a good week. In no particular order, I’ve smiled over these things:

  • My birth day is this weekend.  I love my birth days.
  • My crazy psychotic cat got herself stuck on the roof beam again.  Thanks Giant, she learnt that from you. I had to climb ontop of my fridge to rescue her.
  • My bed has an awesome warm electric blanket thingie.
  • It is pink.
  • My dude someone boyf man-friend person has made me smile with an hour long phone call every night since I last saw him.
  • I don’t know if you know, but it’s my birth day this weekend.  Just saying.
  • My best friend forever and ever, Flea, arrives by means of a green plane tomorrow morning.  We will be sans children for the first time in years and we will OWN the farm. 
  • My weeekend just started. 
  • Right now. 
  • I didn’t even get permission. 
  • I just made it so.
  • Cos I’m hardcore like that.
  • Bizatch.



See you when I’m big.


  1. Amy says:

    Indeed – happy birthday to you! You know that turning 25 means your halfway to 50 ? One quarter of 100 ?

    But hey, i’m 8 months ahead of you so we can be getting old together!

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