I have an Um friend…

My brother goes to the specialist today to check out whats wrong with his heart and if he will need to be medically boarded from the Police Force.  Please pray, for those that do, or cross your fingers and hope along with me for those of us that don’t.

The thing with dating someone you’ve dated before, is that you kinda think you know what to expect but then get pleasantly surprised when your expectations are blown out the frikken water.  Hee hee, this is me smiling broadly, widely and full of teeth.

Had a lovely weekend.  Missed my flattie, and Jnr Flattie and our home and our skck4t’s. 

Ok, thats all from me.  Just got to work now from Scottburgh to Umhlanga to work here in CBD. Its been a hectic morning.  But, I was awake for the first time in a very long time to see the sunrise.  Wow.

Peace & Love everyone 🙂


  1. shebee says:

    Frills & Shteff – I have no idea on these details of which you speak. Perhaps some elaboration is in order, hmm?

    JBC – I actually cannot explain it without it tainting my lady like manner of prime & pristine. Cath & I are very colonial and hardly uncouthe, yet we have this saying that would make a sailor blush mildly:

    “I would SucK-CocK-For(4)Tea(T)” = Skck4t.

    When the (her) saying came out, we were shocked & hysterical and now anyone in our house is confronted with an inquisition of ‘but would you SKCK4T? If you would, then yes – you may have some’.

    So, all of this boils down to one thing, really, Sue.

    WOULD YOU skck4t?

  2. leez says:

    firstly: why tea?

    moving on… would laso like to know more but word of caution: isn’t there like a reason you guys were no longer dating?

  3. shebee says:

    Lee – because Cath & I are big tea drinkers. It came out one day after a hard work session, and (she) blurted it out. Much like a normal person would say : I would *kill* for some coffee? Well, we would skck4t.

    Then, yes, the reason was I used to be a big fat bitch. Haha, thats putting it frankly. I’ve since grown up and am not so self absorbed as I was. Thats what he said anyway. LOL.

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