I flushed my phone down the loo

My first real picture of Perth beach front. Hopefully I will be there myself. I grabbed this off a mates album on facebook. I wonder what the little stick thingies are? Robbo, Aims? Can you help me with this?


I’m staying at my friend Jax’s house for a few days, looking after her three darling children under the age of 5 while she is away on business. Its been a crazy couple of hours.

I left the office yesterday in a panic stricken state, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, some stupid ass taxi driver attempts to cut me off! I was having none of it, and stuck my head out the window and hollered at him using a few words thrown in, such as; prick, shithead, fucking taking advantage… I think I even threatened to have him taken out – he loved it. The entire taxi load burst out laughing at me. We were both on the side of a really busy road and there were at least twenty six fucking people laughing at me. Assholes. I eventually pulled off with a speed in front of him, and for the whole duration of the drive home the driver repeatedly drove right up my bum, and hooted to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb.

At home, I decided I could not deal with cooking, so took the kidlets to spur. What little angels. Trev dropped his coke all over my lap, Mase flung his plate of chips onto the floor, then climbed under the table to eat them, and Taylor popped at least three balloons. I spent the entire evening with my fake smile directed at the patrons who had that ‘look -at-that-young-little-skank-with-three-kids-who-can’t-be-fucked-to-listen-to-their-useless-piece-of-rubbish-mother’ glare in their eyes. I finally get a chance to go wee and take my cell phone with me in order to text a mate, and as I stand up and swing round to flush the toilet I drop the bloody phone. Yes, thats right, I flushed my phone down the loo. Joy.

This morning, ten minutes late for school after having overslept due to not having cell alarm, we get to the class room and Trevor promptly announces it is his gala today and he doesn’t have (or know where the whereabouts of) his blasted swimming costume. I stand in line with the rest of his class mates awaiting his teacher. One little redhead kicks the shit out of the indian child’s school bag, "that’s a brown boy, Sheenie – he’s the only one in the class" announces Trevor loudly. Brown boy looks down at his untied shoe laces and says , "it is being true, miss, i’m unique" ). Eventually see class teacher and inform of situation, who promises to search lost and found area and get back to me.

Good Lord, I am tired and I need coffee! Happy hump day everyone 🙂