I am legned. And so are all of you.

It’s always strange for me when I get recognised in real life from blogging.  I’ve had a dude in Jhb walk up to me in the Spar and make me autograph his Spar slip recently.  There I was, trying to not look obvious buying tampons and the stranger up’s himself against my behind, taps my shoulder and says “dude, tell me you’re SheBee and I’m not making an ass of myself?”.  I was shocked. I also kicked my own ass because in hindsight he was a hottie and I totally should’ve got my flirt on.

Getting emails from anonymous readers has been interesting.  I was once sent a whole list of random questions from “what colour is your nail polish today” to “did you really fall in front of Ryan Kankowski that one time?  I’ve been sent hate mail, which is par for the course I suppose, especially because my views don’t always gel with everyone else’s.  I’ve been interviewed a few times too, the most recent one being over here. Oh yes, and I was on the radio that one time for blogging.

Of course, nothing beats my birthday from last year, where I jokingly put up a wish list of really insanely optimistic gifts and my readers went out of their way to make sure I got each and every item on that list barring one times hairy man.  But then again, I do have Bergen Larsen in my life now, and his beard is so damn sexy.


Pity he went all blind date on me and got himself a new giiiiiirlfriend before I got back to Jhb to claim his fine self for me.

All in all, I’ve been a really lucky girl blogger.  I’ve got the best readers anyone could ask for. You guys laugh at me, you support me, you spoil me and you entertain me.  I’ve had other bloggers claim jealousy and say that it’s not fair that their readers aren’t as cool as mine and I agree – it must suck.

But now I have something extra to add to my list.  Lee-Ann Liebenberg.  You know, the hot if-I-was-lesbian-I’d-totally-do-her South African model and celebrity?  She totally sent me a message on facebook after adding me saying she was a fan of this here blog.  DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL THAT IS, PEOPLE?  I have a famous person, right in this very cyber domain, saying she sits at her computer and reads the shit that I churn out.  How awesome.

So, hi Lee-Ann!  Here’s a shout out to you babe, thanks for making my Sunday evening 🙂

But mostly, this is a general thank you to all my readers, for making this blogging thing so much fun for me, even when the writing is not.


  1. Bergen Larsen says:

    So when you get Lee-Ann’s email address and figure out she’s not lesbian, I’M HERE!!! (The date thing – *cough* er… another story another time)

    And yes. My beard is sexy. But what I want to know is when did it suddenly become a defining character trait.. that means I can’t shave it off. Hmmm….

  2. Amy says:

    Wait a minute….. i thought i was your FFL ? Its all good, i’m a taken lady now, you have my full permission to lust after hot models…

  3. B says:

    You are a famous person.. and she is probably gushing all over the place because you actually acknowledge her 😉

    Legendary you are..

  4. Xakhdiezi says:

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