I am in love

With the lead singer of the Parlotones.  I have no idea what his name is, but his eyes freak me out in such a good way.  I have bumped Ryan Kankowski down to a lower pedestal in order to have this dudes babies.  Brangelina’s kid can kiss our kids ass in the looks department.  Combine my brains, wit, humour and beauty with his eyes?  Pssh, no contest.  Har har.  I mayke a jo-ke.

Seriously though, that band definitely deserves the title of South Africa’s no. 1 and their energetic performance on stage made up for my sore feet, standing up in an over crowded club that reminded me of being back in the school science lab, and getting hit on by weird looking vaalies in muscle vests with crocs on their feet.

I have to sign off now and go roll into my bed.  A Breakfast in Pita at 2am from Bimbo’s is hard work to digest, yo.