I am a very lucky, lucky girl :)

The thing with being a blessed girl is that you have to remind yourself to be humble every now and again. And when your name is Sheena and you’re a narcissistic, single, fullashit female being humble is a feat that isn’t achievable very easily. This weekend, however, was one of those situations where I had no choice but to be humbled.

By my people, that is. My friends went out of their way to ensure that I was happy in every way. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

Cinderella held a house party for me on Thursday, clad with pina’s, dacquiri’s and g&t’s. The crowd that arrived was hysterical and had me giggling like I was a girl. Kimbo and Wallnut drove up from the coast to spend Friday night with me. This is what we got up to:

1. They managed to convince me to go into Cape Town Fish Market. I saw the yellow tail dead fish on ice and nearly bloody died. I had to shield my eyes and speed walk right passed the entrance to sit at the sushi bar. I even tasted a bit of seaweed, go Adventurous Me!

2. We gambled at Sun Coast casino a bit, and I won R700! Yay! It didn’t last long though; we blew it all on shots, cocktails and alcoholic juices.

3. Walnut had the pleasure of watching me squirm as a German dude with the name of Jens talked to my boobs and tried to swoon in on my mouth for fifteen minutes until I kicked Kimbo under the table after she claimed her “feet were sore” and couldn’t go to the dance floor with me so that I could escape the sour kraut smelling Germ.

4. After years of curiosity, the girls convinced Walnut to take us to Teasers! Oh. My. God. It is not often that I am left wide mouthed and speechless, but as two chickie boo’s got up close and personal with each others guava’s, I didn’t really know what to do with myself or my eyes. What a laugh though! I take my hat off to those skanky girls; I certainly wouldn’t be able to walk around dangling out my bits for money.

5. Johnny Roti’s at 4am in the morning is the way forward, I’m just saying.

6. 3 people in one double bed isn’t very comfortable, in case you were wondering. Even less so when your flat mate realizes the next day that ‘oh, oops, we actually do have a spare mattress, it was under my bed’. Thanks Cath!

7. The rugby on Saturday was insane! Although the Ozzies beat us, to watch a game live that large was truly divine. The atmosphere, the beer, the comradeship of the supporters… it was all so much fun!

8. Raced back to the coast to see the rest of my mates who were already at my moms place waiting to braai and be merry. My baby brother even baked me a cake and organized sweet candles in the shape of my age.

9. My mom made me laugh for hours. I was so full of crap for a while, I promise to not touch that horrible wine again… Namaqua is evil!

10. Sunday morning was spent with Shar having coffee, nursing my pounding head, reading a book and then watching ‘Don’t mess with the Zohan’ which is actually quite lame.

I was unbelievable spoilt and I have two more presents waiting for me in Durban when I get home in the morning, from two of my readers. Thank you SO much ladies, you cannot begin to understand how touched I am!

My 24th year, 2008, is the Chinese year of the Rat. Funnily enough, in 1984, the year I was born, was also the year of the Rat, therefore I can only assume that this year will be a happy one where I will meet my goals, overcome all the challenges and find myself smiling more often than not.

Thank you everyone for your lovely messages, words cannot express how blessed I feel.


  1. SwissTwist says:

    Sounds like an absolutley fantastic weekend!! Happy birthday again hon!! All the best for year 24! *hugs*

  2. Amy says:

    Glad you had fun – except for the us Australian type rugby playing people beating your Boks. BUt hey, i switched allegiances remember so it was out of my hands….

    Oh, and guess who else is a 1984 born Rat ? Me!

  3. Ches says:

    So, you certainly weren’t sipping tea with the Queen this weekend…good good!

    It shall be a very good year for you I’m sure…shit there a lot of Virgo’s around at the moment! All their indecisiveness could bring the world to its knees!! 😉

  4. Janel says:

    haha sounds amazing!
    i was watching the rugby hoping the score wouldn’t mess up your vibe, but glad it didn’t 😉

    happy 24!

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