Highlights of this 2007

  1. Employment of brilliant job, earning lots of moolla
  2. Purchase of my very own first car
  3. Move into my own little abode
  4. Adoption of my animal babies
  5. Independance gained
  6. Have nervous breakdown and cry in a shrinks office weekly
  7. Find Boyfriend of dreams that were made
  8. Book for drivers license, finally
  9. Fail Drivers license
  10. Boyfriend dies two days before scheduled weekend of quality time
  11. Get retrenched
  12. Contemplate selling home, car, underwear – for a ticket to somewhere very far away where I can be let alone and not be hurt anymore

Does anyone see a pattern here? Every time something good happens, something bad comes along to fuck it up worse than ever before.

I hereby wish for no more good. Bad is constant and at least I can’t be hurt by what I never had and lost.

I’m feeling very sorry for myself today. Woes Me. Life is shit. Fuck you life! I’m bigger than you, at least I am guaranteed one thing, and that is the eventuality of death. That’s the only thing we can really be certain about, isn’t it? How sad and abysmal.