Hi, my name is Sheena and I over-think things.

(Haaaaaaaaai Sheeeeeeeeena)

So here’s the thing, little blog of awesomeness and ears: I’m allowing myself guilty little pleasures. I’m not sure if it’s too much sea air or what, but I’ve learnt something about myself, I have no will power whatsoever to stay away from the now out-of-closet masochist in me. It hurts, but to quote a famous song I sang as a kid, it hurts soooo good.

I know you have no idea what I’m actually talking about, and that’s okay – I just need to put this out somewhere.

There are only a few days left on the Slow Coast. Thank God. I am actually going out of my mind here. Being here for my brother has been amazing, I see his progress daily and I’m so proud of him. It has really amazed me to finally have one happy ending after a tragedy in my life – and if I never get another one it’ll be okay, having Brandon around to give me shit about hanging out with my BlackBerry and driving him around to physio has been enough of a good ending to this story. He lived. After everyone said he shouldn’t. I can never be grateful enough.

That being said though, I’ve grown restless again. Like my nomadic self tends to do, I miss having my own space. My own life. My own bathroom (oh how I crave the use of a lavatory without having dead bugs thrown through the window!) And my own coffee mugs. The ability to jump into bed at 7pm without getting looks, or the chance to crawl in at 4am without having my head chopped off – I want it!

So I’ve decided its time to get back to The Amish Funny Farm of Geese and Horses (or TAFFOGAH for short). All my belongings are packed and ready, the cottage is waiting for someone to make it a home and my heart is already there, all I need to do is convince everyone here to let me actually go. Its not as easy as one would think.

Anyway. Cross your bits for me, I’m finally ready to leave (again).


  1. jubs says:

    just let me know wen u going so we can have a little farewell thingy. gonna miss u so much my friendbut it is time for u to fly šŸ™‚ Wishing you all the best Sheens. And hope to see you again soon!

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