Heppy heppy heppy (”,)

Today is a good day. I can’t remember the last time I have felt this good. Not so much physically, but so what? I have pretty eyes and kissable lips. Fat people can lose their weight, ugly people can’t lose their ugliness. So I’m glad I’m in the fat category rather than the Ugly.

Here are a few things that are currently making me happy:

  1. My bday is coming up! Yay, I love bdays almost as much as xmases. On the 23rd I shall be in my 23rd year of life. So far it has been awesome. Not always, but the majority has pretty much rocked my world.

  1. I ordered Milo from Mugg N Bean this morning and they have increased their take away cup size! fantastical!

  1. I am broke as a beggar and down and out of luck as if the beggar just found out his cardboard box just got shat on. By a hiv rabid goat gone mad. Yet my fridge is full of food, my flat is warm at night (well not really, its tiled, but I have blankets); and I have hot water and electricity.

  1. My car is in perfect condition and loves me in return. Other than running out of petrol twice, nothing bad has happened to me and it gets me from A to B without fault.

  1. I have a guest on the way to visit me some time fairly soon. I think. He won’t gimme details because he wants to “surprise” me (grrrrr) but the idea of him coming here is cheering me up a bit. Surprisingly. I anticipate alot of laughter.

  1. My little brother is a manager for three pet shops down here, he has fallen in love with a baby girl puppy that he wants me to take home and mommy for him since he can’t have her. I thought I had made peace with leaving my other doggies behind when I moved out of the family house. But he just sent me a picture of her and god damnit, I can’t not take her. for a cool R1400 that I would have to pay but dont have to, I don’t think its possible to say no. What do you think?

I think I shall call her “Milo”

Ps: Hairy legs are not mine. Honest.