Google searches for my blog 2011

Angel posted earlier about her blog searches.  I decided to check mine for the first time in years.

I don’t even need to get into character for this, I’m just gonna put them out there for you, they speak for themselves.

Top eleven blog searches that result in sending people to my blog [in alphabetical order]:

  1. Asshole wrinkles <- I have no idea either
  2. Boiling bunnies <- probably because of this
  3. Catfish bullet holes <- you got me…
  4. Coffee blowjob <- hahahhaaa.  This and this.
  5. Embarass your man <- I have NO idea why that would be there.  Weird.
  6. Fuck the jews <- *mumbles*
  7. How can a black person blush <- LOL!  This.
  8. I would trade my boobs for a penis <- wow.
  9. Poephol plucking emporium <- my mom’s salon, ladies and gentlemen…
  10. Spinning makes my cooter hurt <- ouch, sounds painful.
  11. Veeting on balls <- This.

Ahhh, I write about such eloquent and wonderful topics.


    • Shebee says:

      I had so many to choose from, and censored a crap load that were about gay porn (wtf?!), but it really wasn’t hard to find the really funny weird ones.

  1. Robyn says:

    I had to check mine out. There are some perlers. Thanks for making me laugh

    adult world sea point – happened to blog about that for a bachelorette. I’ll take it
    clouds sunset textures
    cool social media icons
    exotic vacation destinations
    girl gets ass massage – really?
    bruce blacklaws – what?
    lindy warren cape town – no clue
    mike shaman caprice – Nice Mr Sharman. That dance at Caprice has left you famous
    silverstone llama land – I want to know where that is
    dandeline philander – no clue
    drug dealers sea point cape town 2011
    muffet is the final colon – well it is?
    yoni fashion

    • Shebee says:

      Why doesn’t it surprise me in the least that that’s your fave, Evl? Nice to see you here again btw, it’s been a while. Hope you’re well!

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