Good Social Media: Discovery Health Gets It Right

I don’t often blog about my profession, but I have used this little corner of the internet to moan about one or two brands who completely stuff it up from time to time.  So today I thought I’d write about a brand that just impressed the social media pants off me.

Discover Health, well done.  Other brands, do more of this, please.




So I was having a bit of light-hearted fun with the whole thing.  What can I say, it’s after lunch on a Friday – I really didn’t expect much to happen.

Except, something did.


Cool, standard response.  Nothing hair-blowing.


  1. Without asking me to DM them my phone number, membership number, etc. like most brands do.
  2. Without passing the hot potato and telling me to call the call center, like most brands do.
  3. Without pushing me through a thread of different people responsible for different things… like most brands do.

Discovery Health, within minutes of me tweeting them, looked me up on the system, found my contact email address and sent me this (we will ignore the Big Brother stalker tendencies, because it was super convenient and served a purpose and quite frankly I don’t care how available my details are if it means it saves me time in situations like this):


And followed it with another message on social media with a proper link directly to where I needed to go (for the record, I’d been looking on their website already, I just couldn’t find the proper page I needed).

I logged online, entered my banking details, updated and saved and wa-la! Sorted.

It took me longer to write up this blog post than it did for Discovery to assist with my problem and make my day.



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