Good bye and so long…

On my birthday wish list were a few things that I know were completely out of line and not actually expected by me or anyone else, namely a GPS Navigator, Home Internet or a hairy man. But then I forgot who I was dealing with in you Readers, you who have sent me my favourite books before, you who made me fall in love for the first time since a young girl, you who held me together when he died, you who I’ve met in person and laughed and drank and stayed over and joked and smoked with, all of you who read me and support me and challenge me to write better, be better, be happier, laugh louder.


In particular, you, who I’ve neither met in person nor spoken to on the phone before yesterday, you who took my tongue in cheek birthday wish list and made it a reality – you sent me a frikken GPS Navigator! You who has also sent me a gift for home internet! You who sent me an unknown parcel full of only god knows what yet to be collected from post office! All of you who sit there and let me drone on and on about myself day in and day out.  Don’t you ever get bored? I hope not.  Because lets face it, as much as I claim to love writing for myself, it wouldn’t be half as much fun without you here.


So too all of each and every one of you, thank you for being here. Thank you for letting me be me and not asking me to change. Thank you for being you and being okay with everything, for being supportive, funny, argumentative and entertaining.  Thank you for a fantastic few years!


The time has come where I will now close my blog off and say good bye, I’m tired of sharing my soul*.


Be safe, be well, and be happy,





* wahahahaha!  Whatever, you know I could never stop talking about myself. SUCKERS! 


But now that you have recovered from the immediate fear, regret, sadness and horror of me joking about ending this blog, you can’t be mad at me for saying I quit quit smoking, it’s a kak jol, yo.  I like cigarettes! They keep me happy and sane and I can afford them if I.. you know, stop eating.  Wah!  So, no – I’m still blogging, but I’m also still smoking.  Don’t shout, please.


Now get back to work you lazy git!



  1. Marcel says:

    You CAN start stopping again … one little bump doesn’t make you ‘not perfect’ you know 🙂

    Just remember: 5 days for the nicotine, then 16 days for the mental BS.

    [Apparently, it’s worth it in the long run.]

  2. Stef says:

    you got presents from bloggers?? a fucking gps??? a box of goodies???? internets????? *sweets looking highly disgusted*

    you started smoking again!!! oh yeah oh yeah… i won’t say “i told you so”… ahhhh… but i agree,i loooooooooooooooove smoking…
    i really
    do 🙂

    so glad you had a great birthday and btw: very cool post 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    I for one am VERY relieved your not disappearing – i nearly fell off my chair in panic! I know I’m slowly adding to my blogroll, but you’re one of my foundation blogs….. it just wouldnt be the same! And how would i contact you when i eventually get my butt to South Africa for a visit ?

    P.S Dont ever do that again

    P.P.S Please start not smoking again. For the love of God, think of the shoes! Love the Nicotine Nazi

  4. shebee says:

    You’ve stopped blogging 6k! I have you on my reader still but nothing happens!


    Aims – awww, the Nicotine Nazi! LOL

  5. MsBehavn says:

    Hahahaha brilliant post. I thought I was going to have to come down to Durban and beat you for giving up blogging! Now I’m just going to have to come down there to prove that you actually use the GPS 😛

    And I’m smoking again too. Clearly, I’m not a quitter!

  6. mulletized says:

    All im saying is that im not spam, and i want a copy of your book.I recommend the cover to be the ‘head up the ass’ pic that you used on the “1 day left and I caren’t feel mah legs!” post. Just photoshop some teargas on top of the ass, and youre good to go.

  7. shebee says:

    Mullet – Actually, I’m pretty lucky – a famous cartoonist will be doing the cover of my book.

    Sorry I keep spamming you, I don’t know why my blog doesn’t like you B!

    MsB – lol, the lesson in GPS is quite tricky. I plan on grabbing Cath tonight and making her show me how.

  8. cathjenkin says:

    love how you TOTALLY distract everyone from the smoking thing by making them think

    it coulda been worse OKES!!! wahhaa


  9. Glugster says:

    Believe me, Shebee really needed that GPS. I speak from personal experience! Hahahahaha.

    I also not for one minute thought that you were stopping. It’ll be easier for you to give up smoking…

  10. B says:

    OMW!! You got pressies from bloggers!!

    Fuk hey.. I am making a wishlist right now!! hmmm.. but I only have 5 more sleeps.. is there time is there time??

    Naughty Naughty at the smoking thing.. it was the candles that got you started again wasnt it?

  11. shebee says:

    Chesie you might want to try *breathe breathe* too, cos otherwise you’d be exhaling only and would eventually die of asphyxiation due to hyperventilation.


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