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Here’s the thing about this parenting gig: you learn stuff all the time. For instance, almost 11 months into changing nappies and I had the biggest nappy aha moment this morning while I was at a Pampers event.

[BTW this post may be about Pampers, but it also happens to be about the chosen diaper brand I use in everyday life with Aiden, so I was very excited to crack the nod to this, my first ever Mommy blogger event.]

Of course, at the event I was super awkward and quiet and then overly loud as I usually am with people I don’t know already. I’m one of those strange intro-extroverts where my personality only really shines amongst my own people (that know and love me unconditionally).

But back to the aha moment: I only today learned that all Pampers products have a wetness indicator! I looked around with my jaw hitting the table but noted with awkward surprise that all the other mommy bloggers nodding knowingly. Oh, ok, so just me then. I then silently closed my jaw, lowered my eyebrows and sat up straighter.

Aside from learning this obvious, been-around-for-ages nappy fact, I saw a demo on Pampers’ newly launched, softest, dryest product: the Premium Care nappy which they’ve rated as 5 stars. One of the bigger innovative moves they’ve made is that they’ve added in 3 channels – pretty nice because the nappy no longer droops, which is going to be great when Aiden’s outside crawling in the flowers. Yay for no more droopy, dirty nappies, especially since I caught my son trying to eat a bug this last weekend which he plucked off of his very dirty nappy while outdoors.

pampers old vs new, new pampers with channels, pampers diaper test

Some other facts about the new nappy (copied from the press release, forgive me):

New Pampers® Premium Care with 5 Star Skin Protection and includes the following features:

  1. New Silky Soft Topsheet: wraps your baby in silky softness specially designed to provide skin protection that your baby deserves
  2. First and only absorbent channels: help to distribute wetness evenly
  3. Wetness indicator: lets you know when your baby might need a change to continue enjoying all of your love
  4. Breathable material: a back sheet for continuous air circulation so his skin can feel all your caresses
  5. Stretchy sides: waist bands that gently wrap your baby in love

One of the other things I was sent (a week ago, oops) was a test kit that I just didn’t find time to do until now so I’m going to film it in a bit and show you how it went. I had great visions of getting Aiden involved in filming this but then I came back to earth and remembered that he’d probably just want to eat the nappy, play with the scissors and drink the blue liquid. Pass. Just me, I’m afraid.


Stand back, Steven Spielberg. Here is my first blog video movie thinger:

Hashtag mommy blogger excitement. Playing with the new Pampers Premium Care nappies. Old vs. new.

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Awful video editing aside, I dunno about you but I’m sold on the new version nappies. Pampers Premium Care nappies are now sold in SA stores everywhere.