Rest in peace, Gerrit Pretorius.

Thank you all for your messages of love and thoughts.  Carrot’s body was recovered this morning, 60m from where he fell off the boat.  I have the details of his death now, they’re not pretty.

His parents are relieved, now at least they can have a funeral with some closure.  My parents will be coming through to Gauteng tomorrow afternoon.  The funeral is scheduled for Thursday morning.

I’ve been asked to go through photos of him and to write a few words.  It’s tough, so I’m practicing here.


05 July 1985 – 07 March 2009.

Don’t give God too much kak my bonehead brother.


  1. angel says:

    ag sheebs, i was thinking about you all day today. i am glad you and yours can now have a funeral proper to say goodbye.

  2. Stalker says:

    Aw my friend I am so lucky to say I had a chance to meet him this december, he was a really cool guy I remember bribing Garry to allow him back into Tav after he was given the boot for being too pissed, and telling you sssssssssshush when we got home so early in the morning (was he being painted with nail polish or doing the painting lol I can remember) I will always remember the fun from that night, and how happy you were that night with your two bonehead brothers lol, I still have their CD they left in my car if they want it back it’s with my mum,

    Be strong my friend and remember we all love you very much,
    And we are all here for you no matter how far away, kk

    Love you lots

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