Gaychat and my very own personal Asshat.

Richard is someone from Cape Town.  I met him online about two years ago and for some strange reason (and it really is strange, because he’s an odd fellow) he and I just clicked.  We tried the romance thing for a few weeks but soon came to the conclusion that we both sucked at it and gave up.

Richard has recently survived a peanut tumor (the size of a peanut) to the brain, which he had surgically removed a few days ago.  I tease him now about it because in the past he has only ever had batshit crazy girlfriends, which we now blame on the tumor.  And in being his mate, I was privy to all the stories about the bunny-boiler chicks.  I’m immensely relieved he’s okay, without his peanut.  It means I have my chat buddy back and also, you know, that he’ll continue to live life and stuff.  But mostly because I have my chat buddy back.  We’ve been catching up.  Be privy to our most recent gaychat:

Richard:  Nothing’s changed here.

Me:  Wish I could say the same.  Actually, I don’t, I like my life now – this year has been good to me.

Richard:  Yes, you’re happier now I can tell.

Me:  you can? How? I’m the same with you as I’ve always been

Richard:  No, but I can just tell. It’s something about you.

Me:  do tell!

Richard:  you’re permanently orgasm-glowing

Me:  hahahaha! WhatEVER!

Richard:  its true man, and you KNOW it.

Me:  Wait, define orgasm-glowing.

Richard:  well when a boy and a girl love each other very much…

Me:  oh, man!  I didn’t know you meant that.

Me:  and you?  No crazies lately?  You’re boring without your peanut, Richard, go find a crazy to entertain me with!

Richard:  I have had only 1 run in with a crazy in the last 3 months.  Just so you know, I’ve put you in the crazies too.

Me:  WHAT?! I did nothing! I wasn’t even remotely crazy.

Richard: See the problem is I don’t have any other categories

Me:  snort!  So make one, here, I’ll even name it for you:

The One That Got Away.

I think its lovely.

The One That Got Away <- even looks lovely in bold

Richard:  hah! I prefer Thank Goodness category.

Me:  Asshat.

Richard:  oh please, you love me and my asshat.

Richard:  wears proudly

Me: what exactly is an asshat anyway?

Richard: I’m not sure, could be a hat for an ass.  Or a hat made from an ass.

Me:  yeah, but why?  I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense

Richard:  because donkeys need hats too Sheena.  Obviously.


  1. Richard says:

    Any ladies that want to have awesome chats like that, you know where to find me.

    At Number 1 Awesome Street.


    But seriously, I love my gayChat friend like I love Steri stumpies. And that’s a lot.


  2. Richard says:

    @SheBee Yes, even more than that. I’m a dedicated fellow me (even if I am a little odd).

    @Angel I’m not sure if it is. I’d like to think it had more to do with Jungle Oats, since I eat the freaking things every day and i don’t even like them!

    @Jeanette Of course i am. Duh. 😛

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