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Apologies to those who don’t Blog – most of this post will exclude you.  It doesn’t happen often, bitches, so quit whining.

I’ve been blogging for three years now.  Granted, not all of it will be proven here, but it’s been three years.  Trust me, they’ve been three years of my life that makes me wonder how the other 20 something years were dealt with.  You see, although blogging seems insane to some of my loved ones, they all read me and wonder how on earth I could possibly share so much of *Me* with the internet, people I don’t know, people I will never know, even lurkers who never make themselves known. 

My answer?

It is truly therapeutic and cathartic for me.  Before my mom came across my Blog, she had no idea what my feelings were on life, love, family and Kiera dying.  I opened my heart up and wrote about her death.  I cried tears of absolute heartbreak and raw emotion when I was forced to confront what was actually going on inside me.  I just didn’t know it until I sat back and read the words I’d written.  When my mom finally read them, she cried too, of happiness because she realized that I wasn’t as zombie-like in my mourning as she had thought. 

J.No, my latest and possibly greatest male friend said to me the other day that I write mountains but say very little verbally.  He’s so right.  I am a lot quieter in the flesh.  Probably because my mouth is quite occupied with exchanging feet most of the time.  Flea and I had a fall out not so long ago.  We didn’t speak for a whole five days.  Once we’d kissed and made up, she said something to me that encompassed what most of my loved ones do: 

“I kept reading your Blog to see how you were feeling because I know you’re so good at showing your true self in real life”.

I express on my Blog what I don’t in real life, which reminds me of something someone once said, “I am my own biggest reader”.  So yes, although I interact with everyone who participates here – ultimately these words are all for myself.  Except for this particular post.  To which I am finally brought to my goddamned point;

I’ve decided to hold a contest.  The winner gets a free weekend away with me in, say, the year 2010 which is when I will have made my millions and earned fame from my Published Book Sales.  If you are male, you could probably choose whether or not we get to make happiness by the body*.  If you’re female, well – sorry for you.  You can also have a nifty little badge if you want in the meantime. 

On your blog, in essay format, English only, I want to know the following:

1.      what / who brought you to blogging

2.      what you get out of it for yourself***

3.      if you have a theme / process you follow when blogging and why

4.      your standards on blogging, if you draw a line at writing about any particular thing****.

5.   the best thing to come of your blogging thus far

Now, don’t forget to link back here so that I know you’ve done this.  How else am I meant to judge you for being a crap contestant?  🙂

  – – – – – –

* Kidding, man. Sheesh**. 

** I would totally be making the choice, not you.

*** And don’t even try and give me that shit about making friends, rah rah rah – get off this website and go find people in the flesh!  Or join Loser.

**** For instance, I refuse to blog about personal sexual encounters.  I have no qualms telling you about other peoples though.  Like this one time, in band camp…


  1. SimonB says:

    lol great idea shebeegee, although i doubt my wife would be happy if i enter this contest 😉

    Lets see who enters.. Maybe you get to take Rex the lion away for the weekend 😉

  2. shebee says:

    c@th – babe, we’d have to think of a new prize for you though, you spend every weekend with me so it’ll be no fun 😛

    jameel – you go, boy! I look forward to reading 🙂

    Sime – Oh go on, we could change the prize to include your wife and delete the, erm, other benefit. How about that? Never can it be said that I am not accomodating 🙂

  3. mulletized says:

    Ha, wish i could enter but ive got about 5 posts on my blog!

    My entry would be a paragraph. Still really figuring out those questions. Blogging superstar i am not. I dont even write for an audience. Its all part of the jumble paradox. Love words but dont normally give the time of day to books. Its not really expression of ‘another unseen side’ – everythings just under the surface, in writing and in the flesh. Honestly and bullshit are virtues. They are normally flowing together at the same time.

    Im supposed to write this on my blog, but since im not entering screw it huh 🙂

    But the one concious thing (points 4 and 5) is making it positive in some way. If theres sadness, there is hope in it. No whinging or venting (maybe thats why ive got so few posts!??)
    My view on life is generally optimistic or hopeful, so i just never want to betray that – to not be seduced by needing to be clever at the expense of truth or arb delectables.

  4. fatbastard says:

    wot kak is that, when I be logged into wp it doesnt give me my link back, which is the only reason I bother to comment when you write kak like this.

  5. shebee says:

    Guy, not only do you refuse my free weekend away possibility, but you then go on to call my masterpiece “kak”.

    You break my heart, Guy, you really do.

  6. Amy says:

    I’m up for it. If i win are you flying me to SA ? Although i could possibly have saved enough money by 2010 – if i havent, can we make it 2011 ?

  7. Amy says:

    There you go, i am done.

    Go read my blog post and let me know when my ” IOU One Weekend Of Hanging Out ” prize cheque will be arriving….

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