Fathers Day, 21 June

Today, I remember my own daddy who helped create me.

Today, I remember my step daddy who helped raise me.

Today, I remember the forefathers of my fathers who are no longer around to see me.

Today, I remember the father of my Kiera, even though he really doesn’t deserve to be remembered.

Today, I remember Granny Ross, who passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Today, I remember the process of my childhood into growing up.

Today, I remember the people I have lost, loved and laughed with.

Today, I am grateful to be alive and to remember.

Today, I will make my memories count.

Today, I thank the universe for spinning and gravity for holding my feet firmly to the ground, even though I’m about to go up in the air in a gigantic soccer ball air balloon.

Today, I will be me, for all the people who want me to be.



  1. Amy says:

    That was sweet Sheens.

    Also, weird – i didnt know that SA celebrates Fathers Day at this time of year. Ours in September … i think.

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