So I’m sitting at Jon’s house, right next to him while he’s playing his WoW game.  I’m doing some much over-due work.  But I’m thirsty.  My fanta grape won’t open, the lid is too tight.  I asked him to open it for me and then…..




So I sent him this:

The solution.

Click for bigger image!

He just read it.  He’s purple. 2nd place to an online WoW game?  “But it’s timed!” he says… I dunno hey, I think this deserves a special kind of make up favour.  The sexual kind.


  1. Tara says:


    Oh I know the feeling all too well. Except I get put off for Quake most of the time.

    Although…I do find that going to the bedroom and making noises to get attention works. With the added bonus of a look of disappointment 😛

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