Everybody Loves Ray…

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and are my Facebook friends, you will know by now that I’ve been an active follower of The LoneRaynger.  He is the most talented beat-boxer acoustic singer I’ve ever come across, but he also happens to be South African, and he also happens to be a friend of mine from work.

At the moment Ray is in Canada on a six week adventure, gigging through the country, meeting artists and musicians and tourists and locals and having a jol.  Most importantly, he’s broadcasting his entire tour!  It’s a bit of an experiment of aqua’s, to see if we can tell this story in a transmedia way (that basically means telling little bits of the story across many online platforms) and I’d really like to involve my readers.

Click here, just listen to this song. If it doesn’t move you in any way, you cannot actually call yourself a human.  That’s Ray.  His voice?  It’s amazing.  Also, you hear the drums and the bass and all those beats?  They’re coming out of his mouth, all at the same time that he’s singing.  Yes folks, he makes all of those sounds himself.  Pretty fucking incredible!

So, how can you get involved?  Easily.

Join his page on Facebook.

Follow him on Twitter.

Read his blog.

Watch him on YouTube.

Listen to him on SoundCloud.

Look at him on Flickr.

And above all else, interact with him.  This journey is shaped by his followers.  If you think Ray needs to include in his next video the crew standing on their heads, it might just happen!  Get involved.  Get talking.  Get your friends opinions.  Get them to join his journey too.

For me and for Ray, this really would mean so much.

For the fellow bloggers out there, would you consider loading up the following badges?

Let me know if you’re keen.  I’ll mail you the code and even tell you how to get them on your blog.

Spread the word people, Ray will be the next Justin Bieber, only hotter, older and a better person. And like, a beat-boxing singer, not a hippity hop tween with a sucky voice.