Doods I coulda been dead when this post came out….

Guys. Fuck. I nearly died this morning. Check this out!

Holy shitballs. I want to kiss the ground I am standing on, I’m still here!

A man walked right up to me with a huge frikken AK47 and I thought I was dead. For real. I started saying my goodbyes in my head to all my loved ones, my life flashed before my eyes, hell – I even had a blog all up and ready in my head. It went something like this:

Yo, bloggers. I’m dood. Thats right, I kicked the bucket. So, don’t forget me or anything, okay? Shmaak my writing on Amatomu and lemme be famous or something. I don’t wanna go down without a fight, so gimme some light!

Don’t stop blogging about me either, k? It is not beyond me to come down here and haunt the fuck out of you.


So, luckily I don’t have to say that hey? The dude holding his gun* was a plain clothed cop. Sho. Go SAPS, you big beauties! Braai at my place this weekend, k?

* By gun, I mean his actual gun. Not his penoos or anything. Get your mind out the gutter!