Do you want to win a free hamper of free stuff for free? Cool, read on.

Remember last month I wrote about blisters from my shoe shopping spree?  Well today after a full day’s strategy session, I got back to my desk and found a neat little hamper sitting on my desk from KIWI smilingfeet, how sweet?


The hamper consists of loads of little gel pads that you stick to the insides of your heels to protect your feet and make your sexy six inch stripper stilletos that much more wearable.  Woohoo!  I was so excited, I whipped off my heels and stuck gel pads in 7 different places in my shoes!  My foot had to be squished back into the heels, but so what!

Now, aside from me planning on sticking them into Jon’s new sneakers next (just to see if the smilingfeet gel pads work on boys too), the dudes have agreed to let me spoil you guys too.  SO.

What is the most awkward story you can share regarding feet?  Comment here, I’ll pick 10 winners on Friday, and send your names to the PR agency so they can send you KIWI smilingfeet hampers too!  And then we can all walk around with comfortable feet in super sexy stripper stiletto shoes!



  1. Monique says:

    My awkward moment or feet story is that a few years ago while being in a drunk state I kicked a sealed 750ml Beer bottle to impress my friends, the next day I awake with a swollen toe apparently fractured and today about 10 yrs later I have to walk around with a big toe that has blue toe nail. How impressive is that >> Hides my face

  2. sebear says:

    My most awkward shoe story has to been : I went to work with my nice high heel boots and while working down the stairs with the big boss behind me
    My heel deceide it had work to hard running up and down the stairs. And broke off sending me down the stairs too. Needless to say I had to walk around with no shoes on
    like the whole day with everyone asking where my shoes were 🙁 I miss those boots

  3. Terryanne says:

    When I was in Gr9 I was in school and stayed in the Hostle. One night while we were all clowning around I decided to do a little tap dance for all the girls. I need to add that I have never done tap dancing in my life… So on goes the school shoes with the extra thick rubber at the bottom for grip (without socks) and so my routine started. For the last move I wanted to hit my foot onto the tile floor to give a nice, load thump. As I did this the rubber at the front of my shoe acted as a breaking mechanism and I broke my big too, one shot. My screams woke the entire hostile and the handsome teacher who lived on the boys side came running to check if I was okay… so there I was the next day in the ‘eet saal’ with a broken toe and all the guys staring at me…. Horrible!

  4. Richard says:

    My friends and I, feeling bulletproof after far too many beers were walking home. We walked past a fancy car dealership, and with my beered up logic, decided to go sprinting across the lawn to jump into one of the fancy cars (If I recall correctly they were Audi’s), promptly running shins first into a low chain. I stood up nochantly, wiped off my jeans and carried on bolting towards the dealership, and straight into a drain, breaking my pinky toe!

    I’ve not ever lived that little story down 🙁

  5. Angel says:

    OMG I love those things! I’ve been using various brands of silicon shoe inserts for years!
    I have one funny shoe story!
    We went to do shark cage diving in Gansbaai while on holiday in the Cape in January 2008. We were all geared up (okay, only Damien was going in the water, Neels and I didn’t want to attempt putting on wetsuits) and waiting for the sharks to arrive with cameras at the ready, when the boat’s captain started yelling about a “salt water croc”! There was my hubby, grinning rather sheepishly as they fished his white croc shoe out of the sea with a gaff hook! Needless to say we had quite a few jokes on that trip about the first ever salt water croc in Gansbaai!

  6. Kerry says:

    I have unusually large feet, so have a few tales to tell… Like my shoe being used as the baseball bat in PT in Standard 4… And only really being able to find size 8 and 9 shoes in Woolworths so being completely at the mercy of the taste (if you can call it that) of their shoe buyers (although this year they’ve done themselves proud). And asking for a size 8 in a shoe shop in Rustenberg (I was 11 at the time) and the shop assistant responding in absolute very vocal horror at the thought of stocking such a large ladies’ size. Enough to scar you for life … Oh, wait…

  7. SimonB says:

    As a kid I suffered with ingrown toenails for 18 years. One day I decided to stop cutting my toenails short and let them grow out. I now trim them and keep them on average between 3-5mm long. For the last 12 years I have had no ingrown toe nails. Which to me is such a great feeling.

    The down side is that my toe nails look evil and they munch through my socks at a rate of knots. It’s always embarrassing to walk around in my socks as 99% of them have HUGE holes. Even brand new socks last about 2 days then they have holes.

    To me having holy socks is better than having ingrown toenails. It is very embarrassing when i walk around in my socks or even bare feet and everyone teases me about my huge toenails.

    Sadly though no matter how embarrassing it is, I will never go back to ingrown toenails. Maybe Kiwi’s can invent steel tip socks 😉

  8. meganTS says:

    So I LOVE my high heels right? Sadly, I’m not a girly girl so I don’t always wear them with the grace and poise others do.

    I had *just* got together with my boyf at the time and we went to a house party. The guys all disappeared to get supplies and we girls all tarted ourselves up, hair, make up etc, while they were gone.

    The guys get back and we all walked outside onto the deck. Sadly it was drizzling and heels aren’t known for their traction, so the second I stepped out I fell on my ass.

    It didn’t get any better because as 2 kind gents came to my rescue, i still couldn’t get a grip and ended up suspended between them with my legs sliding around madly like a cartoon characters.

    Eventually the new boyfriend stopped laughing enough to walk over and take the bloody shoes off so I could stand.

    Oh, and the whole event was witnessed by new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

  9. CC says:

    Awww I don’t have any awkward feet stories, but I really need some gel inserts if they want to send me some anyways 🙂

    Couple guys have sucked on my toes but that’s not awkward.

  10. Vuvu says:

    I bought thee most amazing pair of high heels. They looked orgasmic! I was very excited to wear them. They seemed to fit a little snug but when I bought them it was the end of the day, my feet were swollen and they needed to be worn in I told myself. In my defense I did try 1 size bigger but it was a bit too big and with closed heels a no go.

    I wore the shoes to a 2 hour service at high hot heels- I looked good and felt no pain.perfect, I’d worn them in thought.

    Next outing was the Jazz festival in Cape Town – huge mistake!
    The first three hours were fun, I was dancing, swaying and moving to different floors for different artists.

    5 hours later I was not singing the same song. All I wanted were slippers -the soft kush kind.

    I got home to blisters,more blisters and eventually corns.If I only I’d know about these Smiling Feet then… *sighs*

  11. Briget says:

    Heels.. I love them!! But being tall already doesn’t allow for stripper heels mostly 😉

    But I had this one pair of white heels.. and I LOVED them! Comfortable and smexy all at the same time.

    One evening SexyG and I went to the video shop and while we were there my heel just broke off! (Ok, I was swinging on them back and forth as I stood deciding between the boy movies and the girl movies)
    OMW! I was hysterical with laughter as SexyG just winked at me, picked up my broken heel and half carried me out as I hopstepped along…I suppose we had to leave before I started snorting like a wild woman.

    Many heads turned and I was sooooooooooooo embarrassed that I still haven’t gone back there again..LOL!

  12. ashbash says:

    As you know i love dancing on things when im a bit intoxicated. Well the other night the speakers at our local club were looking very inviting. So i got up with my flat comfy shoes on (because walking in heals with alcohol in your system doesnt work) dancing away on the speakers. By this time people have spilt there drinks on my feet, ive been stood on and danced on so my feet arent looking to great. Anyways so on the speaker i try turn to get off when i fall back, land on a WHOLE group of guys, one guy tries to catch me, while the other gets kicked in the face and my shoe and toes go in his mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just any guy, a verrrrry sexy guy! With all that shit on my feet. not a good first impression at all….. I stay away from the speakers now!

  13. Nicole says:

    I am pregnant, i can’t even see my feet. i am sure they look like crap… i refuse to wear any open shoes until i can see them again, although maybe a foot pamper hamper will change my mind, but my husband will have to help me out 🙂

  14. Aasia says:

    I was 17 years old and working at Game East Rand Mall and had worn a black pair of platform boots to work. Trying to prove that I was agile in both flatties and heels I decided to jump down the stairs. So I jumped and when I landed I realised I had left the platform part of the boot on the stairs behind me. The laughter was endless

  15. flarkus says:

    Let’s make this short… I’ve worn brand new takkies to parties and proceeded to dance so much that the trainers pressed against my left foot’s big toe-nail, causing the nail to sheer off. On 2 separate occasions. Conclusion: endorphins are amazing painkillers.

  16. Helen says:

    anything for free stuff…

    As a self-confessed tomboy I had never worn heels until I was a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding several years ago ), so the day before the actual wedding, somewhat scared to walk down the aisle in these weird contraptions I went to practise at the church.

    Three steps down the polished wooden floor I though ‘I can do this!’ and proceeded to fall over and hang from a pew until a cleaning-lady picked me up (my feet were scrabbling around and just not gripping).

    So I tried to act all cool and calm and went outside to hone my best friend for moral support when I got stuck in the doormat and fell over again.

    (for what it’s worth I managed to get through the wedding without any disasters and now wear heels regularly)

  17. Shebee says:

    Hi guys, I’m sorry I missed the deadline on this one. The winners are as follows:

    1. Kerry – because having gigantic feet deserves a prize all on its own. Even though I think your gigantic feet happen to be rather pretty.

    2. Briget – because your story had me sniggling, and I can only imagine you in hysterics while SexyG stands there and tries to make you look dignified. It’s something Jon would do for me.

    3. Terryanne – for using the word “Eetsaal”.

    4. Sebear – because I’ve fallen down a staircase (and up one) in front of lots of people too and I understand your pain.

    5. Helen – for reminding me of what I expect to be like on the day of my wedding.

    6. Aasia – because she managed to give her shoes split personality syndrome. Also, bwahaahhaaaa!

    7. Nicole – because she’s gotta fat tummy right now and needs to have comfy feet when she’s able to go out again to get pissed with her mates when the baby pops from her vagina.

    8. Flarkus – even though you’re a male. I think. I’ve always assumed you to be a dude. Am I wrong?

    9. Ashbash – sister or not, I know what a ritard you can be on your feet, so you best make them comfortable.

    10. Monique – on the condition that you never try and impress your friends again by kicking a glass bottle. Also on the condition that you find new friends.

    Cool guys, well done! Thanks for sharing your stories, I loved hearing them.

    Please can the 10 of you above mail me at sheenagates @ (with no spaces) containing the following information:

    Subject line: Shebee is a rockstar!
    Tel no:
    Delivery address:

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