District 9 Euphemisms.

Rush hour traffic is madness here in Hoburg.  The taxi’s are another thing completely, they live a law unto their own.  Cutting you off, butting in, driving like a snail and then pulling over, backing up a trail of traffic behind them seems to be part and parcel of what their service is.  Fuckers.

A few very important questions:

What’s up with this weather?

Apparently there is snow on the mountains?

Does Hoburg even have mountains outside of the wannabe Hartebeesport ones?

Are these wannabe mountains even big enough to aid such a cold front?

Why do women get nipple stands?

Did you know you can get food poisoning from eating dodgy biltong?

You can.  Raw or not, it still goes frot.  Ask Jon – he has been poisoned, poor bugger. A laptop has been stolen from our offices.  A mac, shiny silver one I believe.  It’s a scary day when you can’t trust those people you spend 75% of your day with.  I hope the thief’s fingers fall off.

Angel made her famous cupcakes last night.  She did my favourite ones, especially for me.  Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing and the most beautiful edible crystal decorations on top.  My word, how divine.  I had one for pudding before bed last night, one for breakfast this morning and I will have one for dinner again tonight.  Thanks Angelpie, my diet’s gone South.

Fokken taxi prawns!


  1. flarkus says:

    Hoburg taxis are insane. But don’t let them drive you insane too

    Rather than allowing them to cause me stress, I’ve learnt to let them go on their way, and do their thing. They won’t unlearn their evilness and losing your cool could end up badly for you, especially if it’s along your daily route. Rather allow them to do what they do and try to avoid close encounters.

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