Dear Cameron from Idols

Hello baby.  My name is Sheena, you might wanna remember that, it’ll be on your marriage certificate soon.  Cameron I am writing you this letter now, tonight, on the day after Valentines, to devote my undying love for your voice you.

When you walked onto that stage, my heart went abumpbabomBOM! and all went right with this scary, cruel world of ours. I felt at peace and I swear when you looked into that camera whilst your long, nimble fingers strummed the strings of my heart onto your guitar, your eyes looked into my very soul.  We’re meant to be, Cammy, you and I.  I’ll tell you why:

  1. I have brown hair, you have brown hair.
  2. Your height compliments my shortness.
  3. Your name is Cameron.  Every Cameron I know is good and pure and loveable.
  4. Your voice, my angel, soothes me.  If you weren’t so beautiful to look at, I would close my eyes and sway to your song.
  5. I know what you kids are into.   I have a younger brother near your age (Sort of.  Well, he’s a few years older than you.  No really, my age isn’t a problem darling, don’t look so panic-stricken – it’s only 7 years!).
  6. I love John Mayer too.  I know he’s your favourite artist.  See?  We have good taste!

Now, please note, that I am a leader and not a follower, so I’m letting this go live now, before the rest of the country’s little whores girls realise what a good thing I am onto. I have written an ode of my love, to you, Cammy.

Oh Cameron, oh Cameron
how you make my heart spin.
I love your smile
I hope you stick around on idols for a while

Cammy don’t overlook your ability
your songs will go on for infinity
I will head your fan club
and as your wife, i’ll have you me dub

Better than that, I know you’ll take first place
Because baby, every time you sing, hearts race
Your fingers are long and beautiful
I adore you something meaningful

So, now that we have it all settled and planned, I’ll await your finish and taking of the title, where after we will be married and run off to have a million species of offspring.

Kisses, my little Muffinchop.



  1. Shebee says:

    Poetjie, take that back honey! He’s not a player, he’s only 17! I’ll teach him and love him and stroke him and make him chocolate chip pancakes all the while he’ll sing John Mayer to me.


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  3. StevenMcD says:

    wow, I don’t watch Idols at all but I’ll be following his progress! I just hope his song writing ability is better than that of most SA musicians

  4. Paul says:

    Dear Cameron from Idols

    Cameron, I am writing you this letter to forewarn you. Bud, seek legal advise NOW and get a restraining order before this bunny boiler shebee starts stalking you and threatening to strangle your parrot ( and I dont mean choke your chicken)

    run bud, don’t hide, she will find you

    best of luck and god speed

  5. jubs says:

    whoa mama!!!

    Sheens my luv, i think u gonna have some serious competition tryin to bag this one.
    he has the voice of an angel and a face to match.
    i got goosebumps listening to this little piece of heaven!


  6. jubs says:

    I just had to watch it again!!!

    Now both the Camerons I know are complete dicks but I am so willing to forgoe the name issue and run off with this underaged Adonis and get locked up for molestation for the next few years until he is of legal age!!!

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