CT weekend away

A few weeks back, Jon and I decided it was time to a) visit his family, and b) go check out the GingerGoose couple, Heidi & Shaun’s new CT home. I must admit that when Heids told us they were moving there, it didn’t really impact until I realised that I couldn’t just invite her over for 30 Seconds and drinks whenever I felt like it. So I kind of missed her, and I’ve been dying to see what a beautiful home she has (and she does, really, I could’ve stayed forever. Jon cringed every time I complimented anything, knowing full well that it was going on my list of must-have’s for our one day home.

Table Mountain is usually pretty awesome to look at this time of year, and Father’s day was also coming up, so it made sense to find cheap flights to Cape Town, book our tickets and get out of Joburg for the weekend.

Highlights for the weekend:
1. Seeing Jon’s dad smile as he watched over his family eating breakfast
2. Finally having some QT with the GingerGoose couple, I missed them so much.

3. Sitting outside in this quaint courtyard catching up on the goss

4. Laying around in bubbles in Heidi’s AMAZEBALLS gigantic bath tub

5. Kicking Jon out of the bedroom every time I needed to wee (open plan en suite bathroom, awkward)

6. Having Suetjie join us for dinner at Café Paradisio (omg, people, seriously, go there!). Driving through thick fog on one block and then at the next, having a perfectly clear day. Only CT weather does this:

7. Going to Shul for the first time (yep, took 3 years, but I finally cracked the nod!)

8. Having sundowners with Talfer and Janel

9. Getting this view on the way home back to Joburg


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