contradicting emotions and admissions of note!

Fucken cheese and rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I is whipped.

And still pissed about it.

This was not planned, and its most inconvenient to be honest. It was just meant to be a once off talk. Goddamnit.

But he is awesome. And has blown my mind away. And right now I am over the moon.

There I said it, I think I have a man in my life. My god its terrifying.

Disclaimer: don’t dare even question me about this post, that goes for you, yes, YOU. I am allowed to write whatever I want. As long as I maintain anonininminity and not talk about your shlong. Which I have. And haven’t. So there.


Well. Apparently there was no need for me to disclaim my admission of above. He’s sent a little list of his own for you guys. Please bare in mind he is joking, and this is his way of coming out the closet too, okay?

“Dear If these walls could talk readers,

My name is Andrew. In a few days I will become SheBee’s bf. I have a few rules that will govern comments on this blog from now on.

1. Glug, any present buying is my business from now on.

2. Conan, stop trying to get into my girl’s pants

3. Kab, don’t let my girl anywhere near your fun bus. You sound dangerous!

4. LW, in the future I would like to ask you for a threesum

5. RSA – obviously it doesn’t make sense for a single woman to be chatting to a divorcee, your ideas might not gel with mine.

6. Angel, we will come to you for tatooing advice.

7. Bridget, work is currently suspended while I thoroughly learn every curve of SheBee’s anatomy.

8. Finally and not least important, SheBee, I trust there will be no reference to penoos size, snoring habits and such on this blog. Otherwise, I will take pictures of you naked while asleep and post them on the internet and tell all your readers.


So. There. I am so nervous about this post and your reactions!

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  1. gwen says:

    ooooh mom is getting the dirty on the relationship through your blog cos you are not informing me. are you scared i phone him and beg him to marry you and give me a grand child.

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