Cath’s 30th


Most of you know that every year, Cath and I end up doing something to each other for birthday happies.  Two years ago, I threw Cath a surprise birthday party despite explicit instructions not to.  She loved it.  Once she’d stopped shouting and screaming and calling me names.  Haha.
Last year, Cath decided to fly up and surprise me on my birthday.  She waited just long enough until I’d gotten off of the miners shaft drop and shit-your-pants ride at Goldreef city and jumped out from behind the bushes.  I cried for at least 10 minutes in between hugging her and screaming obscenities at her.
This year, I couldn’t be there for her 30th.  But far be it from me to not make my presence known.  Fuck that.  So I compiled a PowerPoint on Cath and roped in her boyfriend and her boss.
Her boss helped me in organising a screen display and presented the PowerPoint.  She also organised balloons, bubbles and a few other party treats.  Cath’s boyfriend was man enough to walk into a sex shop, nonchalant, and ask for the biggest, blackest dildo they had.  He was propositioned and offered lube and even withstood the shop attendant giving him advice on how best to use said dildo on himself. When he smsed the story to me, I died laughing.  And made a promise to myself, when I do eventually get to meet the dude, we’re totally getting smashed together.  Shmooshy deserves a frikken award, okay?  Also, Jon was well impressed with him after I retold his porn shop story.
Anyway.  Cath, my non-scissoring sister.  I love you. I miss you.  I can’t wait to see you again.


  1. cath says:

    if there was EVER any doubt that you had superpowers, then roping Shmooshy and My awesome boss in to doing this, is evidence that you TOTALLY do.

    Thank you so much. Am still smile-crying.

    Miss you too, fuckbitch.


  2. Cath's sister says:

    And she kept that BLOODY quiet is all I can say. EPIC and I mean EPIC win Sheena, on all counts 😉

  3. Cath's sister says:

    Btw – do we now get a ppt presentation of the coffee blow job on said dildo for the lady who wanted to know? Or is that just a tad weird? LOL xxx

  4. cath says:

    Snortcopter! Hello my sister! I’m still stunned she kept it so damn well BUT, I SHOULD have known with all the manic texting that Shmooshy and SuperBoss were doing! LOL

    BWAHHAHA. I’m thinking I should give a demo ppt of Johnny Two hands and the coffee blowjob. I could make millions! LOL LOL LOL LOL

  5. Bee says:

    Awww I only saw this now. Now I need a tissue dammit! You guys are awesome. Wish I could meet u both one day – we will methinks… it’s destiny! x

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