Britney Spears can kiss my ass.

Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I’m scared of you…. but all I really want is to hold you tight… and treat you right…

Shoot me now, I’m going IN.sane. My fucking neighbour who happens to be a raging homosexual lesbian that makes me scared, has an infatuation with Britney Spears. Thats ok, I suppose, but she likes Brits old stuff – like the song above. I had to listen to it on repeat, until eleven o’ clock last night, and it was so loud I could hear every drum beat and quake in the forsaken singers voice.

If that wasn’t enough to get me pissed off, my sister has developed a phobia of sleeping since the theives made themselves known on Monday. Now everytime a leaf falls down Ash screams for my dad. Last night happened to be a tad windy, so it only happened oh, I’d say about eleven million times.

And then, in between her shouts, I get to hear the clickety click of her cell phone as she chats on mxit to all her mates.

I have not had a good nights rest, I have a blinding headache and it makes me mad to think that I feel hung over without having the fun bit to get me there.

BUT! (and there’s always a but with me, as you know by now) it is …….



I shall end off by saying a patriotical “GO BOKKE GO, YOU BIG GREEN AND GOLD BEAUTIES!