Blog envy & blockage.

I have the urge to write, but I’m really battling with writers block, so I’m just going to sit here typing until some of this shit makes sense.  Or doesn’t, whatever, but I’ll be sitting here typing either way.

I have blog envy – I’ve just skim-read a bunch of my regular bloggers and you’re all writing away and being all bloggy awesomesauce and it feels like after 7 years, I don’t know what to write about anymore, and every time I want to write about something I get the feeling that I should leave it and rather use it in my book/novel/manuscript/thinger.  Which is laughable, since I’ve forfeited my book contract (3 years ago already) by not actually writing the frigging thing.

But the itch is still there.  So I’m going to scratch it.  This weekend.  Or tomorrow.

Yeah… 15 minutes.  That’s how long I’ve sat here.  I think I’ve just decided to finally write that book I’ve been bleating about for years.  Booya!


  1. MeeA says:

    If you ever find the self discipline to get to writing that book, whack it over the head & call me – I want a piece of that, too!

    I feel you, sistah!

  2. flarkus says:

    You can do it (blog I mean). Do what comes naturally, dip into the sauce that you started writing with, that got us hooked (and probably you too), keep on potting even when it’s not flowing and the good stuff will happen.

    Need more cliches? Take 2 Savannahs and call me in the morning.

  3. Leaine says:

    Ironically I am going through the same thing! I know I have to write and I actually do have a lot to write about – it’s just getting myself to do it that is the big mission! Hmmm…. good luck to us 🙂

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