Blog Awards with a difference!


I have been awarded an ‘addictive blog’ award. This led me to then pass on three different awards. I have only just begun, and will continue when I’m not so tired.

My first award, in the catagory of ‘Dead horse award’ goes to Conan, so that he may have this deceased creature in order to violate as he sees fit, in the hopes that some of his venting is released. I thought of this as you are an older man (*smirk*) and I worry about your BP levels my darling friend.

Second award, the ‘beautiful blog’ award goes to ABC, or as some of you know her as, Bridget, who has become a firm friend of mine. But also, in the most nonbiased way, her blog is a bloody good read and has me going back to check for updates atleast four times a day. Thank you for listening, advising, laughing, entertaining and just generally being around in my time of need lately. You blow me away. And I still get a kick out of getting to know more about you despite what our dear AJC tried so hard to keep us seperated in a personal capacity.

Thirdly, I would like to award Glugs the award of ‘giant bear hug’ to say thank you. thank you for reading my sometimes incoherent ramblings, and for supporting some little chic on die suid kus whom you have never met, yet by simply giving of yourself (and your plastic card when you sent me those two fabulous books) you have inadvertently helped me get through a fair amount of stress.

There are others out there, who through just being present in my daily blogging, have gone through the emotions with me, and I would like to officially say that I acknowledge each and every one of you. Kerryn, Paul, Amy, Champs, Peas, LW, Ruby, Spear, Kab, Ed, Amy, Rob, Nat, RSA, Angel, Bete…

Have I left anyone out? If you are a lurker, de-lurk and lemme know!

If you want to give out any awards, go here.