I just spent fifteen minutes trying to find my effing simcard that went missing while I was exchanging batteries and eventually gave up.  Of course it was then that I discovered the thing, innit.  And where was it?, I hear you ask in absolute anticipation:  down my top and between the booblets.

It is Lord Wiggly’s birthday today, by the way.  He pops in here some times, so feel free to leave a messAGE.  I will get my pen and papier ready.

I am tired.  I’ve just got home from work.  I am tired.  Did I mention I am tired? Fuck, I’m tired.

Oh, I have another blog, by the way.  Its a colab between Cath and I.  Well, so far its just me, but Cath has expressed intention.  Its here.  Click and give us some love.

Ps:  wrote this post at 1am this morning.  I am still not inspired.


  1. Stef says:

    LOL your booblets does provide excellent entertainment! mwhahahahahahahahaha 🙂

    tell LW that I miss him and that… argh never mind hehe
    shake your booty and party!!!!

  2. Tamara says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that loses things between the twins. The worst is if you’ve ever been watching a movie and dropped popcorn down your shirt. Or am alone on this? It’s SO itchy!

  3. angelthemom says:

    do you KNOW how often i lose things down my bloody cleavage?
    leaving the movie house is a nightmare… i leave a little popcorn trail as i scoop out my bra!

  4. shebee says:

    Hee hee, dudes. Nothing beats the time I found a squished nunu there. Shame, poor thing – had no chance.

    SvD – huh? Where are you in the world now, pumpkin pie?

    Glugs – you’d be surprised what I keep there sometimes. Thanks for visiting.

    Angel – hee hee. Love it!

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