Big news!

Oprah Magazine has asked me to write a small article on this blog! And about all of you, and me, and stuff, and things!  I’m so chuffed.

Stay tuned for more info.  When I have it, you will have it 😉


Please don’t forget to nominate me as a phenomenal woman.  Even if you don’t believe it and think I’m a complete asshole, I want that frigging massage, okay?  And other cool prizes also.  So ya, um, nominate me.  Please.


  1. AJ Venter says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that absolutely everything you stand for is in direct contradiction to everything Oprah promotes ?

    Or am I just being obtuse ? :S

  2. Alet says:

    he he he – love the comment thank everyone and reminding them to go and vote for you:)

    Well done on writing for Oprah – how exciting!

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