Arrive Alone’s none existant explanation of which I have no right to.

From one extreme to the next, you disappeared. Where are you? What went wrong? Are you that scared of intimacy? What, were you scared I would get too close? We got on so well. I wasn’t asking for anything more than friendship. You started it, I wasn’t even interested at first!

But then you had to shine through and get under my skin with your genuine sense of humanity. You made me feel normal and ok to be different, as you are different yourself. The head keeps trying to convince me that you are “just busy” but fuck that. Even I am not that busy or depressed or anti-social. “I’ll speak to you tomorrow” has turned into over a month. I never thought I would take you for a coward. You could have at least let me know.

We could have been good together. Our adopted, barcoded chinese kids would have had a lot to laugh about if we were their parents.

Letting me know whats happening would have been kinda nice. I might have been hurt, but I would have survived. Now instead of dealing with it, I am left to wonder.

Don’t you know my mind is too young to wonder out there alone? It could get lost, you know!

Why keep quiet, when all it would take is one sentence: “I’m just not that into you”… Fuck I wish I had never read that book.

I miss your green face insinuations, dammit.