Are you going to help me get famous? You should. Oh please help me!

You know, there are fewer things in this life I loathe more than really bad punctuation.  Even though I’m a writer and a blogger (“no, really? omfg!) I make spelling mistakes and typos on my blog all the time, I’m lazy on my blog – I know that, but there are some things that are totally unforgiveable… Such as exclaiming with a million exclamation marks.

I mean really, look at this, it couldn’t sum up how I feel more (usually):


Okay.  So yes, it’s dumb.  There’s no need, ever, for more than one.  Except for only other time this is ever allowed.  Read further, dear reader.

Soooooo, that little widget/badge thingie that used to be over –>there?  It’s gone for a reason:


There I was, laying in a warm bath of my own filth and soap infused bubbles, fiddling on twitter when I got a notification from one of my followers that I had been nominated as a finalist.  I’d just stated that I was about to check the list to see which of my favourites were on it but was enjoying the jazzy music and bubbles too much to get out of the bath.  However, when I read that tweet you can imagine me dropping my blackberry almost in the water in my effort to propel this body out of the bath faster than a nun all over her rosary. Only to realise I forgot a towel. Fast forward two minutes, I’m running up and down the farm house corridors, one room after another (full of bubbles, totally kaal gat) in search of my laptop to see for myself.

Fucking Wooo! I really shouldn’t be this stoked about something so unimportant, but dude.  Do you know how long I’ve been blogging for?  Everytime these awards come around I’ve not entered or gone MIA.  So to know that out of all of South Africa’s funny blogs, mine was nominated as one of the ten funniest?  That’s just far too much attention for my little big ego to ignore, yo. Also, the prizes?  They’re awesome.

Anyway, you can help me bring this title home.  How?  By voting for me of course!  Go here.  Scroll to the third category, click on the li’l circle next to and then scroll down to where you enter your email.  Lastly, don’t forget to confirm the link that will be sent to your inbox or the vote you just made (with high intelligence, wit and good nature) will be null and void.  NULL and VOID, motherfudgers.

Other people you can vote for are the ones I chose in my ballot, you know – if you want, snot serious if you don’t agree:

South African Blog of the Year:

Best Entertainment Blog:

Best Overseas South African Blog:

Best Original Writing on a South African Blog:

Best Blog about Politics:

Best Photographic Blog:

Best New Blog:

Best Science and Technology Blog:

Best Music Blog:

Best South African Podcast:

Best Group Blog:

Most Controversial Blog:

Best Personal Blog:

If I win this year, I swear to god I will take a picture of me blogging with joker make up on.  And donate clothes* to some or other charity or whatever.

* Must be clothes, I haz no money** to give.

** While you’re at it, offer me a job dudes.  Where I can write and do social media shiz from home.


  1. Dolce says:

    A most big congratumalations. I’ve also got lots of exclamations of excitement and glee, even through I do understand that you will be voting for the amazing Ms ExMi. It’s a warm and fuzzy day.

  2. Laura says:

    YAY! and congrats 🙂 I have voted 🙂

    I think its a big deal too!!! Its like acknowledgement for doing something we love!

  3. B says:


    I almost forgot about this.. i will need to be more on top of things …

    You know.. between life and work.. blogging been backseat thought for awhile..

    REally amped for you!

  4. Po says:

    Ah Shebee, thanks so much for mentioning me. I though I didn’t care about blog awards, but erm now I do.

    I most definitely voted for you, since I still chuckle randomly over your car hijacking post.

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