Anal Sex, is it worth it?

I just can’t seem to get away with this subject. A phone call from a mate yesterday had me reeling in wonder:

Mate: You’ll never guess what I’m doing!
Me: I dunno… having your bikini line waxed?


Mate: Holy Mother of Gaaaaaaad! Yup, and after that I’m having my anoos bleached.
Me: Your anoos? As in, your anus? As in, you are making your bum hole hairs white?
Mate: Absolutely. Its the new brazillian.
Me: You are fucking insane.

Surely, for the love of all things sweet, pure and innocent, if you are planning on letting your partner insert his … in your … as a couple you are way passed the point of complaining about ass hair and how brown the actual insert spot is?

Mucking Fad, I swear to baby Alli praying in his Mosk…