An aside…

*skype conversation*

Sheena: Does Cape Town not believe in white sugar?

Rozz:  There should be some “organic” white sugar Im sure?

Sheena: nothing.  not in the conference centre, nor my hotel room, nor THREE of the restaurants i went to today.

Rozz: maybe they want you to have green tea?

Sheena: sies.  they’ll be having me smoke hemp on the mountain next, bru.


Am currently on conference at the CTICC.  Let me just say one thing: Being SheBee all day leaves Sheena exhausted by night.  Even if it’s super fun, I’m glad I don’t do these meet up social things with online people very often.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week.  Every single night since last Monday I’ve been busy, out of the house, aka not in bed slothing like I’m supposed to when I’m not working like a miner.  On the plus side, this weekend was great, Jon’s birthday dinner on Friday was lots of fun.  Even with the bottle of chocolate coffee tequila.  Especially because my baby sister Ash just waltsed into the house like she visits every day.  What an awesome surprise!

She spent the weekend with us, and on Saturday night we went to Movida.  Puke in my mouth, what a kak thing to have to do.  How did I ever go clubbing and actually enjoy it?  My feet hurt like a bitch in the heels I was wearing (even with KIWI gel pads), the music was too loud, the clubbers were boring and it was a big meat market actually.  I climbed into bed that night very, very glad that I’m not single.

Anyway, it’s now Wednesday and I am in Cape Town.  For a cool social media world forum in Africa conference.

I fly home late tomorrow night, just in time to kiss my Jon and fall into bed exhausted only to wake up and go to work so I can then board yet another plane to fly to Durban for the weekend.

I’m really looking forward to the 16th.   We’ll be in the bush, in the middle of nowhere, doing as little as possible while hearing lions roar and zebras mate.



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