A threat to the creator

If someone came up to you right now, this very minute, while you were staring at this very screen, and offered you a penny that would allegedly allow for all the happiness in the world – would you take them seriously?

What if there was a simple solution to the pursuit of happiness?

What if you’re on the road but just on the wrong track?

What if your happiness is only as good as this?

Would you be satisfied?

I want that fucken penny! I want an easy way out to happiness.  I want things to go smoothly. I want life to be a joyride. I’m tired of going uphill man, my muscles are stiff!

The great two 00 eight has to be that for me.  If not, thats it – I’m writing a letter of complaint to the creator, serious. And it will be bitchy, bru!

Don’t hate me for this image – but come on, seriously, its funny!