A quick catch up.

So I never really got a chance to tell you about Valentines Day.  Lemme just say that it was awesome.  We both cheated, we were both cheesy.  You can make fun all you like, but I loved it.

I created little photo print outs with – hold yourself – poems and pictures of us on them, with clues at the bottom.  In my defense, the poems were funny as hell and not completely moosh.  The clues sent Jon around the house hunting for more clues which ended in the bedroom.  Where we, uh, had tea.  And I was given a fake beaded rose.  Nawww.  Jon knows I hate receiving real flowers – to me they’re just so much prettier and useful on the bush they grew on, not wrapped in cellophane.  Anyway, he bought a beaded rose in true Hoburg style, from a dude at a street corner.  Nice.

I’d planned a day of maize hunting.  There’s this little place in the middle of nowhere that grows huge maizes, complete with the earth elements in different sections, and a general knowledge quiz to guide you through the pathways.  But after we’d had breakfast and showered and stuff, the skies opened up and started raining something terrible.  So we did what every other couple in Hoburg decided to do, and went to the mall to watch a movie.  You know that new flick Valentines Day?  Yeah, we didn’t watch it.  We saw Invictus instead.  Oh my hairy toenails!  What an emotive and inspiring movie.  I felt myself welling up with pride and sighing every five seconds – I highly recommend you go see it before it gets off the big screen.  Even if it’s to listen to the terrible South African accents done by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

It’s week 2 of my kick bum job.  I’ m loving it hey, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post on its own.  In the meantime, catch me up on you guys – I haven’t had time to read any blogs, so I dunno what’s going on out there in the cyber world.


  1. stalker says:

    since I was in the non valentine category, I decided to enjoy the other event happening on the exact same day… Chinese New Year there was drinking fire works decorations and lanterns floating into the sky was fun friendly and unromantic …. HAPPY YEAR of the TIGER

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