A perfect ending to an almost perfect (sort of) relationshit.

Yeah.  I said it Glugs, relationshit.  Only, I’m doing it all backwards.  Instead of meeting online like its happened the last couple of times, I know the guy in real life but he’s moving away so we’ll do the online thing instead and see each other when we can, I suppose.

He leaves on Wednesday.  I’ll see him a bit for a while, before he leaves for sailing at the end of the year. Tonight was the official goodbye to our regular dating.

I’m bummed man.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, he wasn’t supposed to be so nice.  He didn’t even resemble one bit of an asshole’s asshole.  Damnit, why?  It would’ve been much easier to see him go then.

Somebody hand me some more alcohol!


  1. Shebee says:

    yes, we both knew he was leaving, we just didn’t think it would be an issue. I was only a date, you know? Then one became many and now it’s all over. Life moves on. Bleh.

  2. Nielfa Hanifa says:

    Haai shame… hugs to you. At least you enjoyed it while it lasted, but you never know what the future holds. Maybe someway, somehow the universe will force him to move back.

  3. Stalker says:

    oh pumpkin I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you all is well and everything will work out just dandy but I cant

    But I can say I love you more than breakfast on sunday at the waffle house with lemon pudding

    Cheer up my friend life is a bag of balls you never know who might just squeeze them next


  4. Shebee says:

    LOL. oh tiff 🙂 you make me smile. When he gets there don’t bloody tell him about this blog ok? He has no idea i’m such a softie. I love you too my friend x

  5. Stalker says:

    Ok I wont tell about the blog but can I drug him and tie him up in my guarage (I only have one toilet and I need to use that) then I can keep him for you till you come on weekends promis i wont forget to feed him 😉

  6. TheOtherStalker says:

    That sucks. Sorry to hear about it. I’m sure there are lots of use guys beating down the door to get a chance with you

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