A pain in the neck

I’m seriously miff with myself.  I took part in our company health & wellness day on Monday and found out that not only have I picked up 4kg in the last 8 weeks, but that my BP is borderline high.  On the positive (snigger) side, I’m also very definitely HIV negative.  Yay!  Work stress, going away so often and celebrating love and life have really started to mess with my health kick.  So I’m back to no carbs, fizzy drinks and upping up the salads until my body gets back on track.

Speaking of body, I’ve pulled out my bloody neck!  It’s been stiff for days now and I spent Saturday cooped up in bed, whining my face off until Jon went to the pharmacy and tracked down not only pain killers, but anti-inflammatories and TransAct patches that got stuck all over my torso.  The pain was excrutiating and I was eventually in such a grump that I had words with the TV shows, movies and even the book I was reading, telling them all how I was going to look at injury lawyers for compensation, only I’m the one to blame for hurting myself in my sleep.  Yes, my sleep.

You see, I’ve been dreaming vividly about the strangest things.  The zombie apocalypse, for one.  In which Jon got his brains eaten, but I was more pissed about the fact that all the food had worms in it.  Mental note: Must realign priorities.

Last night’s dream was filled with camels and mud.  This morning when Jon woke me up, before my eyes had even opened I was recounting the dream with all the details I could remember in a rush before they all disappeared and was met with Jon’s disbelieving face of incredulity.  See?  I know that my subconscious is strange, but now it’s confirmed by the one person who loves me most.

Anyway, back to my neck.  So while dreaming, I tend to tense up my entire body to the point that I wake up aching and need to massage my muscles to relax.  Evidently, through one of the dreams I must have been doing acrobatic yoga because my neck is still cramping like a mofo.

Any advice on what else I can do?  I’ve tried doing a bit of yoga and gentle stretching which seems to help, but the pain just keeps coming back a few hours later.  As much as I’ve tried to avoid it, perhaps it’s time I look at going to a physio.  Ouch.



  1. Chan says:

    Well first of all make sure you don’t pick anything up, even grocery bags, until it has healed. Check that your pillows aren’t too high or too low…..
    I take Cataflam anti-inflammatories, they are AWESOME….so get those 🙂 For neck pain I can advise Tenston, they work very well, you will need prescription, but I like Cataflam.

    As for the 4kg :/ yeah being in a relationship and staying slim isn’t the easiest! This may aid your weight loss and blood pressure, drink diluted Apple Cider Vinegar each morning, about 1 tablespoon or a bit more in a glass of water, it helps with a myriad of issues, one being high blood pressure, and it speeds up metabolism and helps food digestion. Drink half an hour before breakfast. Must be organic with the “mother”

    Another easy tip is cutting out all refined sugar, well I think it’s easy, you learn your way around it, and I have no sweet tooth hahahhahah. but it also means no white bread, or normal brown bread, or pasta, gotta be wholegrain low GI. but it works… And dont eat too much fruit as its high in sugar.

    gotta run, have more tips, msg me if you want them.

  2. Louisa says:

    When I get a stiff neck I usually rub it furiously with deep heat or voltaren before bed and wrap a scarf around it to keep it warm white I sleep it off. If that doesn’t work I go see someone medical, or now and then just a massage therapist of some sorts.

  3. Wezz says:

    For years I woke up with neck problems. Turns out I was a ‘ferocious teeth grinder’, I now wear a heavy duty gum guard every night. Had to go through various types but once i foind the right one I haven’t had neck problems since. Clenching and grinding has alot to do with stress, worthwhile checking it out with a cosmetic dental surgeon – from experience they know their shit. Don’t waste your time with a dentist.

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